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Apricot Essence
Our Price: $3.95

Apricot Essence Tea combines a light and flavorful organic Indian black tea with lemony Australian Lemon Myrtle and a very true natural apricot essence. Like the fruit itself, this flavor has a tart but rounded character, delicately balanced with the tea's astringency.
Chamomile & Fruit Tea
Our Price: $3.95

Chamomile & Fruit herbal tea combines the natural sweet character of premium organic Egyptian chamomile with the fresh fruit flavors of orange, lemon and the sweet tartness of rosehips. Delicious hot, served with lemon and a touch of honey, or iced, garnished with slices of citrus fruit.
Christmas Tea
Our Price: $3.95

Christmas Tea has become, over the years, our most popular tea. One that people order each and every day of the year! Synonymous with holiday activities and good cheer, Christmas Tea is our magical combination of complex herbs and pungent spices, nested in a base of rich organic black tea, brings you all the best of the season. Too good to be true that it is also organic!
Cinnamon Apple
Our Price: $3.95

Cinnamon Apple Tea combines the flavors of sweet cinnamon and freshly-harvested apples in a base of mild organic black tea. With lots of naturally sweet cinnamon in a rounded organic black tea, Cinnamon Apple has always been one of our most popular teas! Serve with some frothy milk to create an apple chai!
Cinnamon Vanilla
Our Price: $3.95

Sweet organic cinnamon and nutty vanilla add to the round and deep qualities of the black tea we use to create this popular blend. Wonderful served hot, adding milk and a little honey, if you like. Or try this tea as an iced latte!
Herbal Christmas Tea
Our Price: $3.95

This all-herbal version of our popular Christmas Tea delivers all of the flavor of the original blend, with none of the caffeine. Sweet and complex, this tea is the perfect choice for serving with holiday desserts or any time you need a relaxing moment for yourself. Christmas Eve will never be the same without this organic herbal blend!
Herbal Seasons
Our Price: $3.95

Herbal Seasons is an imaginative herbal tea that will add flavor and good cheer to all your holiday activities! Brewing beautifully ruby red in the cup, our creative version of the classic hibiscus tea contains just a hint of sweet cinnamon, tangy orange peel and lemony Australian Lemon Myrtle. The perfect blend to serve hot or cold at festive gatherings. Or simply to take the chill from a winters day! Caffeine-free and 100% organic.
Imperial Green
Our Price: $3.95

Imperial Green Tea is a light, flavorful organic tea with lots of antioxidants! A tea you can settle in with on a daily basis and be confident you`re doing something really good for yourself.
Irish Breakfast
Our Price: $3.95

A robust marriage of two wonderful organic teas! Rich and malty Assam creates a rounded base for the addition of light and fragrant Sri Lankan black tea. Hearty and stout for morning awakening, this tea takes milk and sweetener wonderfully.
Orange Spice
Our Price: $3.95

Orange Spice blends the sweet tartness of organic Valencia orange peel with exotic spices in a full-flavored organic black tea. Naturally sweet and pungent cinnamon enhances the rounded maltiness of the tea. Add a splash of milk and this tea will remind you of chai. Or serve iced with orange slices.